Friday, 7/14

We had breakfast in camp then headed into town for a few errands on this group’s last full day with me. We needed to make it a shorter day in the field because we planned to go to a “Ranch Rodeo” tonight at 6:30 and the fair grounds are about an hour and 15 minutes from here (in North Dakota).

Angelika trying a rice crispy treat at the coffee shop; my German friends found most all American treats way too sweet! Look at her expression.

We got back to camp and went out to prospect for new finds and to a place where Martin had started to unearth an unknown dino bone. While Martin worked on his find all others walked around finding bits and pieces and searching for evidence of something more substantial. Martin and I determined that he found a small hadrosaur’s ilium (one of three bones make up the hip). We did a “poor man’s” field jacket by just wrapping the piece tightly in aluminum foil then wrapping it up with a lot of duct tape. (Panzer Tape – if you ask the Germans!) Here’s a photo of Martin with his find –

Dinosaur hip bone found by Martin G.

We then walked to a different area to prospect some more; an area the group has not been to yet. I offered “prizes” for the person who found the first bone, for who found the most bones, for the biggest bone, and for person who found no fossilized bone! All were winners of congratulations from me.

Martina searching for treasures
Martin being the lord of his domain!

We had to call it a day a bit earlier than normal to get back to camp to clean up and drive to Bowman, ND for the Ranch Rodeo being held at the county fair grounds. We had a great time taking it all in. The cowboys riding horses competing against other teams to demonstrate various cattle ranching skills involving roping cattle and separating them from each other, keeping a herd of cattle in one location while you separate a specific one from the rest, etc. Very fun for all of us and for my four friends their first time ever seeing any type of rodeo. Thor’s then took many photos with a telephoto lens on his nice slr camera. Close ups of people’s faces and action shots of cowboys and horses. I’m sure this evening will provide many stories to share back home with friends.

Racing to accomplish specific tasks with lassos and a herd of cattle.

After the rodeo we headed back toward Baker, MT and stopped off at a fun restaurant I know of in the tiny town of Marmath, ND. we enjoyed a very nice dinner at the Pastime. We ordered drinks and an appetizer then stepped outside to play horseshoes in the garden area at the restaurant. We all tried our best but not a lot of ringers were had. Getting quite dark and the mosquitoes were descending on us so back inside we went. Had a great meal of steaks and pasta then took it easy on the drive home to camp in pitch black because of all the animals that come out. Saw about 3-4 deer on the Sid of the road in the first mile so slow and aware we were on the 45 minute drive back. Seemed all had a good and full day as everyone was asleep at some point on the drive back to camp.