Saturday, July 15

Up and had small breakfast in camp as our friends were packing their gear and unhooking their RV from the water and electricity. Sad to see them go but we did take one last trip into town where I joined them at the coffee shop to help them secure an exchange of their rental van for a less hail damaged one. We got through to Avis and arranged for them to exchange at Billings MT airport that day. Loved having Martin & Martina join me and their friends (and now mine) Thorsten and Angelika. Photos and goodbyes, then they left for more adventures and I staying in town to do some needed laundry.

Thorsten with their greatly damaged van for the horrific hail storm. Back glass broken out completely, dents all over the car and one large ball of hail found on the front dashboard!
It’s been so smokey and hazy from the forest fires burning in Canada and blowing south into Montana.
Never seen it so smokey here in Montana, even when I was on top of a prairie fire. Their have been no blue skies for days.

I finished chores in town then came back to camp for some clean up and other tasks then arranged to have dinner with friends in town. Had pizza and beer at the brew pub, Old Skool, then over to Nathan and Erika’s home to hang out. Got back to camp fairly late and right to bed in my long johns! It must have dipped below 50 degrees at some point overnight because I heard the camper’s heater come on and it’s set to not engage until is 50 or below. It was cold!