Sunday, July 16

Up at camp early today and it was particularly quiet with my four friends gone. Talked with Jeff on the phone and encouraged him to come today, a day early if he’d like to. He spent the night in Rapid City, SD, which is only about four hours from here. Sounds like he had a good drive out and was ready to join me if I’d have him! This is Jeff’s third year in a row joining me for a week of fossil work here in Montana.

It’s still completely hazy and smokey here. like I’ve never seen it before. It’s a shame that whole areas in Canada are having this terrible fire problem and a shame our normal blue skies and clear days are so interrupted.

So different than normal views here on the ranch. This is not fog, it’s smoke from Canadian forest fires.

Jeff stopped in town, Baker, and got a couple of hamburgers for us for a late lunch in camp. Good to see him back here with me. Jeff decided to drive out from our home town in Indiana this year; he’s flown the last two times. He got a bit settled in then we took off for the Triceratops dig site. We got into a rhythm of working and Jeff helped “flip” two field jackets that were begun a couple of days ago. We then worked together to remove from solid rock a part of the upper arm bone that stayed put when we removed the rest of the humerus. We figured it out and got most of it so it could be added it to the jacketed humerus.

Jeff working on removing jacketed bones and probing for hidden ones.

We wrapped up our work then covered the dig site and tools with a tarp, weighted it down and headed back to camp. We had a nice meal at camp after getting cleaned up. And a good nights sleep.