Monday, 7/24

Had some business to take care of first thing in town this morning. Got windshield replaced that was damaged in the terrible hail storm we had a couple of weeks ago. Got my chai latte at Compass Coffee while I waited and did some shopping at Merri’s wonderful store, Russell’s, in Baker. Went in for one shirt and came out with three; typical me. I don’t shop much nor buy myself many clothing items but always shop for a shirt or two at Russell’s when I’m here digging. Merri’s husband Don stopped in to take his bride out for lunch and they asked me to tag along if I’d like. So went out for a sandwich with the ranch owners, then got my truck with the new windshield, grabbed a few groceries and ice and gas and did some laundry then headed back to camp. It was already very hot, showing 100 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Which is the temperature and which is the local radio station call number?!
New windshield but old hail damage all over

Got out to the Olivia triceratops dig late afternoon and with time to see what I could get done. Just setting up the shade canopy with side tarps was quite an ordeal with the strong (sustained 20mph?) winds. Each time I’d get a corner set another would blow off the canopy frame! Got it secured and tied down and bungee corded down and rocks sitting on guide strings and felt like had three sails out and ready to really race away. Eventually I forgot about the threat of the the whole thing blowing away and got to work on rock removal from on top of the frill and uncovering of a couple of rib looking bones that were penetrating out from under the frill piece. Also found another bone that was new to me, looks quite small, maybe it’s a process from a vertebra, not sure yet?

Also found an ossified tendon (fossilized tendon) when I grabbed a rock to hold something down. There it was sticking out of, but still locked in place, in a hunk of hard stone-like clay. I think this is the first tendon piece I’ve seen at this dig. Are not uncommon running along the bone processes that stick up and out from each back (dorsal) and tail (caudal) vertebrae. I think I may leave this little piece of rod-like fossilized tendon in the rock matrix for display. Haven’t seen any sign of vertebrae yet so also no tendon until today.

Tendon is the brown pencil-shaped piece at the bottom left in the piece of matrix that came from some unknown place at the dig site.