Thursday, July 27

Cleaned up in camp and secured everything as best I can there for several days away. Wind, May you be gentle and ever blowing in the nicest way possible! All will be fine I’m sure as I travel into South Dakota for a few days. Going to visit a few different friends whom I haven’t seen in a while. Two have fossils around, and that’s not the only reason I like them each!, and the third is just Bruce! All are ranch families that I’ve met through various shenanigans and I appreciate knowing each of them.

Left Baker area after gassing up and getting some ice. Drove southwest heading for Reva, SD where Tom & Breanna ranch and are growing a wonderful young family. I stopped off at Slim Buttes campground for a lunch break and to check it out for a possible camp site for the night later. I forgot to take any pictures but imagine stark white chalky like rock erupting straight in in huge columns and chunks with cedar trees climbing all over it. It’s a cool place off SD state Hwy 20 and is visible from a good long distance. I may snatch a photo from the internet to paste in here.

Met with the family at their home and we hung out for a while and caught up with each other. Their young children are all mature and very well-behaved (even if their parents find that hard to see sometimes?). We shared and visited and they graciously asked all about our current dig going on in Montana and looked at my photos from the dig. I saw that the general store in Reva had ice cream and whispered this to the parents (but not quiet enough because little ears heard as well!). We all piled into one car and went to the store for an errand they needed and most importantly, for wonderful ice cream served up y the proprietor, Vincent. He knew the kids and knew what they each “needed!” We adults all joined in as well. Great visit and welcome from my friends.

Let’s say I have a new good friend. Not sure who enjoyed it more me or him? Note his cool dino shirt he had on!

I pressed on to Faith, SD after my visit. thought about staying overnight at Slim Buttes in a tent I have but it had been raining and skies looked threatening AND I’m a little soft, so I booked a hotel room instead! Had a good cheeseburger at King Drive-In in Faith and promptly feel asleep on the first bed I’ve laid down on in 3 weeks (at least first bed not shaking in the wind).

Funky skies while driving in central SDakota; mixing of serious storm clouds under with white puffies on top.
From inside the truck, same cloud cover as above. Looking in the rear view mirror you can see how much clearer it was behind, north, of me.