Friday, 7/28

Had a good day messing around and catching up with some chores I needed to take care of. Found a lovely little combination clothing store, coffee shop, small restaurant, hair salon, shoe store, flower shop, kind of place in Faith, S. Dakota. Very small towns sometimes seem to do these combination stores versus one specialty per shop. This one is beautiful and inviting and very comfortable. I went in for a hot chai latte (which they had!) and left with a new acquaintance who happens to own a hotel in Buffalo , WY that I am now invited to stay in and left with a new shirt. I have a problem. I actually have many problems; but high on the list are a Jones for Chai lattes and for Western shirts with snaps, not buttons! I bought my first western shirt on my first trip west fossil hunting with my brother-in-law. I did it, I didn’t feel comfortable in that shirt, didn’t think I’d ever wear it, felt a little like I was faking a western look and clearly I wasn’t western. But …….. all these years later, as my dear wife can attest, those types of shirts, both long & short sleeve,are almost the only shirts I now wear! I love them, I buy them every trip west, and can’t seem to have enough of them. As I said, I have a problem! (I plan to thin out my closet when I get home, recycling one shirt for every new one I’ve purchased)

I visited with good friends from near Faith, SD today. So nice to catch up with them and share stories about our families with each other. They are cattle ranchers and own ranch property that has dinosaurs! In fact, their son found a T-rex on the ranch many years ago that started a relationship with our local museum, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. The star of their “Dinoshpere” exhibit has been Bucky the T-rex for many years now. We had a nice evening meal together at a local restaurant I’ve been to every time I visit the area and took a drive around together after supper to check out favorite spots nearby. So very good to check in with them, it had been too long since I last stopped by.

I crashed at the same hotel I was at last night in Faith and plan to visit with One of my friend in the morning a the coffee shop before I head south to Rapid City tomorrow.