Tuesday, August 1

Tim and I woke up early at Bruce’s ranch and agreed to go on a “short hike,” short said Steve, up to Parker’s Peak, from the guest house we stayed in. Doesn’t look that far or that high, but was both. We had a very good time hiking up to the peak. We climbed the south face, did the Hilary Leap, crawled up the devil’s backbone, climbed on the aluminum ladder over the giant crevasse, then reached the summit just before our oxygen ran out! Not really; we just had a nice walk and talk up to the peak. On the way up I spotted a large bleached white shed angler from an elk. I later asked Bruce if he’d like the antler or if I could keep it as a souvenir. He said I could have it as long as it didn’t have 7 or 8 points. It was a six point elk antler so it’s going home to the shop with me.

Parker’s Peak on the Murdock Ranch in South Dakota. Nothing to it Steve said, it is just right over there……
On our way up
Up top
Other view from the top
Steve’s artsy side comes out
Cool boulder on the way down the hill

We cleaned up back at the guest house and said our goodbyes to Jennifer and Bruce. Then we divided to take the longer way north to camp on the ranch near Baker, MT; we drove through the center of the Black Hills of S Dakota. Tim had never been there before. Stopped for lunch in Custer, SD, then drove past the Crazy Horse Memorial being sculpted into the raw granite then on the see Mt. Rushmore. When we were almost there we came upon a little traffic backup. Many people were out of their cars and looking up in the high stone peaks near Rushmore and Tim noticed a guy sitting down on a tightrope spanning between to distant peaks! Pretty crazy, and we were guessing that no permit likely was sought nor granted? We looked on a Google but could find no mention of an arrest nor an authorized tightrope session at Mt. Rushmore. Just around the corner we pulled over at the spot where you can see Geo Washington in profile. Caught Tim in a contemplative mood thinking of his inner George.

Mt. Rushmore with George from over his right shoulder, just getting a profile look at him.
George and Tim

Circled back around Mt. Rushmore to the north to head out of the Hills for Montana. A lot of gorgeous sights and high peaks throughout the Black Hills. We pressed on with no stops to get to the grocery store in Baker, MT before it closed for some food and ice on the way to camp. We made it and had a nice meal back in camp before turning in. It was a long and fun day.