Saturday, August 5

Kind of a lazy day today because it’s raining again. I understand that three solid days of rain, in a row, at this time of year, here in Montana, is really rare. Uggh. People often ask me why I come out in the hottest time of the summer to dig fossils and my answer is that when it rains the trails out into the heart of the ranch are absolutely impassable when wet. And here they get rains in May and June and often not a drop after that. I’ve been out west in July-August in the past for 5 full weeks and not seen a single drop of rain. I don’t know how much we got over the last three days but I heard some people mention over 6 inches of rain. That’s a lot out here.

Mud city! After three full days of rain, yuk!
It’s a mess. And no going out into the field in this muck.

We messed around and it rained and rained, then rained some more. I laid down for a nap and Tim took a walk around the camp area in the later afternoon when rain stopped. Then it started again. Big time. Hard, driving rain with strong, strong winds. The concession I made to the storm was to get up and put my clothes back on so I’d be more ready to evacuate just before a big one would hit. Tim hid out in the airplane hanger on site (don’t ask) watching the storm and worrying a bit. It eventually passed. I woke up just in time to yell for Tim, “Let’s go, it’s time for Brew Tunes!” We drove carefully on the small roads out to asphalt and into town to the Old Skool Brewery for music trivia night. It’s a once a month affair I really enjoy. I didn’t think Tim was into it but turned out great and we joined up with a team of folks I’ve played with in the past. Good time. We did not win but were in 2nd place before the final “playoffs” where we were not victorious. Good evening and we had a good time.