Monday, August 7

Tim and I had a nice time last night talking and playing cards after our late dinner. Ended up talking until 2:15am and needed to be up at 6:30 for Tim to pack and get something to eat and be ready to leave the camp by 8:30 to catch his return flight from Rapid City to Chicago. We made it and had a nice drive south today. Unfortunately it started raining here at camp before we left for the run to Rapid airport. Hope it doesn’t really rain while I’m gone all day.

We made it when he wanted to arrive and Tim boarded just fine even with misc. fossil parts and pieces in his backpack. I headed to a coffee shop I know in downtown Rapid for a chai and to catch up on to some work stuff. By the time I got downtown it was really raining hard there. Left the shop and drove west into the Black Hills on a road I’d never traveled before. Saw some new sites but was pretty limited in views because 1) it was raining, 2) heavy clouds and fog shrouded everything so hard to see very far at all, and 3) I was driving on a very windy road and needed to focus not site see very much! I popped out from this small road onto hwy 385 north near Deadwood and stopped an an antique shop and at Chubby Chipmunk, a local chocolatier whose specialty is fancy and very delicious truffles. I picked up a few truffles for a friend in Baker, Mrs. G., and got one for myself that was out of this world wonderful. Then stopped by the antique shop not for an antique exactly. I saw they had Sinclair Gas Station bike aluminum dinosaurs. This gas company used an image of a long- necked sauropod dino (think Brachiosaurus) on their signs and also had fleshed-out almost cartoon like metal sculptures painted deep green. These were modern, not from an “extinct” Sinclair station. And we’re pretty cool. We’ll see, no idea how I’d fit him or her into my truck or trailer for the long ride home? Here’s a shot of what they had in stock –

Big or small? Painted or I do myself? Fit or not fit in my truck bed with all the other stuff going home with me? Fit in the back seat???