Friday, August 11

Up early and worked for almost 6 hours to break down everything in camp an d load the trailer and truck and clean up. I never think it will take that long but I am undoing my entire home for the past 5 weeks and packing it all up, including a bunch of triceratops bones in field jackets, and the toilet and the clothes line and the shower tent and, and, and…. It was a beautiful morning, low temps and clear skies with a light breeze – good morning for all this necessary but no fun work.

Last photo from the Olivia dig site last night before I left. The ranchers like the open prairie grass lands, I love the exposed rock buttes full of dinosaur fossils in the distance. Something for everyone!
Last evening at the dig site. Appears nothing left there. But, …. I did leave the control point metal stake in place just in case I see something else here when I come back next year. The control stake allows me to re-establish a North-South sting line to re grid the area and add more items to the bone map – maybe!
Opening and closing my last gate for the season as I leave the ranch all loaded and ready to drive the 1350 miles home to Indiana.

Drove south for a different path home than the one I took to come here on July 5. Headed to Deadwood, SD, in the Black Hills, because I saw a certain little dino who whispered he’d like to be my friend and would I please adopt him (you know how persuasive little green dinosaurs can be!). I acquired him at a cool antique emporium and figured out how to strap him down to my metal tool box in the truck bed. Now have triceratops bones and a whole sauropod dino in the truck bed!

Silly thing climbed right up into the truck; what could I do, had to adopt him.
So far so good. He has stayed put so far although I think I need a leash in case he gets frisky?
There’s a dino following me down the interstate!
Of course he only wanted to stop at Sinclair gas stations.

Made it to Mitchell, SD and found a hotel where both “Sparky” and I stayed the night. On to Indiana in the morning.