Saturday, August 12

Stayed the night Friday in Mitchell, SD. Famous as the home of the “Corn Palace.” Look it up if you don’t know what this is. Arrived at the hotel about midnight “my” time (mountain time). Up and going this morning pretty early as I want to make it all the way home, 12 more hours of driving, if I can today. Great driving weather yesterday and again today. Had lunch and evening meal stuff with me so I didn’t stop for any meals, just for gas and to check on Sparky, to insure he was staying put up on top of the tool box in the bed of the truck. He rode pretty well and after a few tightenings of the ratchet straps he settled in and I stopped thinking about whether he was going to fly off or not!

Sparky continues to insist we only stop at Sinclair stations; I have no idea why?
A dino is still following me on my way home down the highway.

I did get lots of stares and some thumbs up gestures from passing cars as they noticed this big green dino riding along with the tattered truck and trailer. A sizable amount of duct tape and bungee cords and ratchet straps were holding the whole outfit together for the 1355 mile drive home. I was getting tired driving so long and listening to podcasts but got a second wind when I switched to local radio and found some NPR reporting then some really good music being broadcast for me. Celebrated by trying to hum the tune to “Back Home Again in Indiana” as I crossed the state line with Illinois and made it home by 10pm my time (now on central time), 11pm here. Elizabeth woke up and greeted me; nice to be home!

The next day (Sunday) I worked on emptying the truck of all the triceratops dino bones we collected and all the other gear shoved into every crack and crevice. And first had to start by removing Sparky from up top. Friends came over to help me get the dino off the tool box and couldn’t resist going for a ride on Sparky! Dinosaurs do seem to bring out the inner child of most of us.

Joe going for a ride on Sparky before helping to offload him.