Tour Time

We had a few tours in the last couple of weeks. The two middle school science teachers who invited me to come present then picked a handful of their students to come visit the workshop. We had a good visit in person in the shop, many tried their hand at lifting up a large field jacketed shoulder blade (scapula) from Olivia the triceratops, more good questions were explored and everyone got a small sample piece of real dinosaur bone to take home.

Captive audience for Steve; the kind he likes best!
Group shot of gang from Wooden Middle School and a few friends from the YMCA after school program at the shop
I love her expression in this photo; she looks so very interested
Talkin’ bones

Two of our many great teachers here in the Martinsville School system getting a selfie with Sparky outside the workshop.

Here are a few shots from the day presenting in their classrooms at Wooden Middle where we tried to fill in some information about the geologic time scale and where different fossils fit in …

Demonstrating some high level concept for sure (Not!)
Brought some sample fossils to talk about and brought on the foolishness, for sure!
“Yes, you’re holding a real, 66 million year old dinosaur bone.”

We also had a tour of the workshop (and our gardens areas at home) by a group of nurses (and their tag-a-longs) that Steve works with/for at his volunteer role at Bloomington Hospital. Fun group who toured the shop and were not shy when asked “Who wants to work on cleaning up some real fossils?” Several jumped right in and worked on a dinosaur vertebra from Clarence the hadrosaur and on some marine shell fossils. Everyone got to choose a sample piece of real dino bone to take home with them and we all went out for a fun dinner after at our local Mexican restaurant in downtown Martinsville.

Kathy and I talking about how to clean/prepare a fossil
She got right into it with no fear
Rachel working away on separating marine fossils from surrounding rock matrix.
Tonya and Kellie working on a fossil while Tina is up to something sneaky?
The whole crew
Garden tours after dino shop tour
Most joined up after for a meal downtown.
Steve & Elizabeth being a bit foolish

And lastly, in honor of October’s arrival and Halloween coming up, Sparky decided to get in the spirit – crossed up two (?) scary movies; Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre? But don’t cross him!