Jurassic Park is real?!?

While out exploring I stumbled upon something one thought existed only in movies. I came up to this 20’ tall, or taller, electrified fence at the edge of some fantastic limestone cliffs and thick, dense jungle. It got very quiet.

Was something being kept out or I kept in?

Small chips and clucking sounds would occasionally break the dull, hot silence. I saw nothing but “felt” the it’s presence. Elizabeth and I ran back toward the beach where we thought we had come from to find a way out. I went one direction and the last I saw Elizabeth she was exploring the small opening you may notice in the rock formation erupting out of the water below. I can only assume she passed through some portal when she crawled forward into that small gap?

The last time Elizabeth was seen

The noise and my sense of the presence of something bigger than me, bolder, more attuned to the earth’s hold on its ultimate destiny, brought my attention into sharp focus. Hiking back uphill from the small beachhead I heard it. Shaking of limbs, leaves twirling in the wind as they floated away from their holds on trees. My heart beat loudly in my chest, so loud I feared it could find me.

They came from here!

The tree limbs parted and a small quadrant of furry soldiers appeared around me, above me, behind me. I felt their small hands as they drug me unwillingly toward their jungle lair. These may be the last photos I will ever have taken…

An advance guard – young but aggressive!
One of their generals
Contemplative yes, ruthless absolutely!
The cruelty could not be satisfactorily described

What could I do but go along with their evil agenda of which I understood nothing, their language, their gestures, their smells, nothing I had ever encountered before!

Then, in my lowest moment, all was made clear to me. Something snapped and I felt a heavy burden around my swollen left ankle – yes, it was a metal shackle with corresponding metal link chain snaking off into the thick jungle understory growth. The heat, the thick humid air virtually choking all the breath out of me. In shallow gasps I tried to fill my lungs and to right myself but just then burst out of jungle from behind that hideous electrified wall the thing. The thing I can not drag myself to mention. That thing from some past land, some past time (?), intent on what?!

Those claws, the evil “grin,” the horrid row of razor sharp spikes down its head and neck

I screamed the scream of someone who shall not be saved. Nothing I did made any difference in its demeanour. It stalked and harassed me knowing I was restrained and could not defend myself. It must have been 40 feet long and stood 25’ tall on its rear legs.

It is real, it did happen. I may be no more, yet the dinosaurs clearly live on.