Fun Dino Talk – 12/15/23

I traveled up to Hamilton SouthEastern High School a week ago to chat with a newly formed Fossil Club. I took some samples of the triceratops we found a year ago and excavated this year from a site in SE Montana. The group was sure attentive and had questions and seemed to really enjoy the short talk and Q&A we had together. I think several of them would consider a future visit to a dig site with SIPI! Here’s a photo from their geology classroom where we got together to talk with their great teacher and advisor for their new club, Mrs. C.

Great turn out for a high school fossil club. Brought a scale map of the fossil bones of Olivia the triceratops, book of photos from the dig, field notebook and paper copy of the database of our collection to share with the group (along with fully prepared bones as well as some still in plaster field jackets).

Thanks to senior student Matthew for helping to organize and lead this new club and for inviting me to share.