Misc nonsense…

A friend has come by the shop a couple of times in the past few weeks to work together on a fossil rib he found when we were out prospecting a couple of years ago in Montana. It had been sitting in the fossil workshop just waiting for Jeff to come by and work more on his preparation skill set. I didn’t remember the piece and wasn’t sure what it was; my best guess was a fragmented (broken up) rib. After a day of cleaning work with hand tools, an air scribe tool and some time in the micro blaster (mini sand blaster cabinet) the puzzle started to form. It sure is a rib and it appeared that Jeff did a good job collecting it as he put the rib head together from a series of bits and pieces. Looks good and we agreed to meet up again to work on the balance of all the shards of bone that he collected with it. Who knows?, maybe it all will fit together into an almost complete rib bone?

No doubts, it’s the “head” of a dinosaur rib bone. Likely a hadrosaur species.

I’ll get another photo of the balance of the fossil bone and add it in here later. You’ll see quite a puzzle that’s being fitted back together.

This puzzle almost completely put back together.

I also got fired up and worked on some of Clarence the hadrosaur’s vertebrae that had been started some time ago and just sitting around on the work bench gathering dust and being totally ignored! Good to get back to something that had been set aside for a good while. I had fun working on it and wondered why I ever left it sitting there. And I know why – because working hour after hour on the same piece gets tiring and I get the urge to move on to something else, often something smaller that I can see finished results much sooner. Patience is key and it’s good to set something aside before mistakes start happening because of some monotony setting in but I need a little more discipline to get back to things after a brief pause.

The neural spine was cleaned up some time ago but the base (the centrum) of this vertebra was ignored. Photo to follow soon will show the finished product.
Here it is with clean up and a little bit of restoration. One of the two transverse processes is missing and the centrum at the bottom is normally a round shape but the bottom of it was worn away.

This hadrosaur specimen was dug over the last couple of trips out west and has @100 of its bones recovered and back in the shop. I’ll add a photo soon showing this completed piece once it’s fully prepared.

I’ve also been completing the final preparation on a large turtle specimen found near Clarence’s bones. I’ll also add a photo here shortly to show the final work. It’s about 16” x 16” with both most of the top and the whole bottom shell still intact. I’ve just recently removed most all the sandstone matrix that was stuck in place inside the cavity of the two shells so now it’s showing off the rib cage and vertebrae that attach to the top shell (the carapace). Photo to follow soon!

Preparation almost complete on this big turtle found in & amongst Clarence the hadrosaur’s bones. Making the turtle the same age; approx 66 million years old.
Here’s a shot of the spinal column running along the inside of the shell.

Also just last week I removed the Christmas attire that Sparky the Sinclair dino mounted outside the shop had on. Will have to give some thought, or just listen closely, to see what Sparky wants to wear next?