Way back on January 10….

I did a fun dino talk-presentation and read a children’s book to an eager group of local children at a bookstore on our downtown square here in Martinsville, called Fables & Fairy Tales (www.fablesandfairytale.com). I’ve spoken and read there before to the delight of some and chagrin of others! As usual I had a fun time sharing with smart, young folks who wanted to hear about and talk about fossil dinosaurs!

I read a fun book aloud to the group that featured plastic toy dinos that were running rampant over the whole school; basically getting into one mess after another while all the while trying to avoid the teacher’s “drawer of no return” where toys and other oddities end up when kids won’t stop playing with them and the teacher is at witt’s end. Leave it say that this group of dinos were completely irrepressible and would not stop the party, no matter what. Fun.

What a great photo showing the rapt attention of this adorable young lady.

I showed a few fossil samples to the group and handed around a few things so they could check them out up close. I had a few photos up on a TV screen from the 2023 field work season where we dug on a triceratops and I had a few bones from that dig to show. The best part of the evening was clearly the free fragment of real dinosaur fossil bones I had for each child to look through and select one for themselves. A big hit as usual. I purposely gather scrap bone pieces where something has eroded out and shattered so I have souvenirs like this to give away. No science is being harmed, and most kids (and adults) like possessing a real dino fossil. I sure enjoy these types of events and am glad to do them.