Monday, July 8

Planned, packed, shopped, unpacked, re-checked and got ready to take off for another fossil hunting trip! Got the camper repaired and fixed up for another trip out west – let’s hope it holds up well this year!

Here’s a photo from Monday night, 7/8, from our beautiful side garden looking out to the street. Loaded up and hooked up and ready to go in the morning. I’ll miss the beauty and peacefulness of home and enjoy the adventures we experience out in the field searching for fossils.

Packed and ready to go

Also have a video of the trailer and shop with all my gear sitting about in process of packing up. Have a list, and check it multiple times, and inevitably I forget something. Last year it was socks! – I packed exactly zero socks so made a stop and bought a big handful of new socks! We’ll see what a it is this year. And this reminds me of having a good mind set; meaning, to not beat myself up over small things (or any things really). Instead go with the flow, fix what I can and let go what I can not affect. We’ll see how I do this year!

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