Friends, Adventures & Fossil Prep News

Good friends are truly a rare find. I count DW as one of those rare gems found out west. Didn’t dig him up from under a rock, more like he saved us in our hour of need!  Rancher, fossil hunter, finder of buried treasures, man of few words, and a great fossil friend. DW generously helped us day after day when we excavated “Juliet” the articulated hadrosaur in 2013.  We benefited from his common sense & rancher’s engineering abilities countless times during the Juliet dig. We literally would not have been successful excavating the big ol’ girl without him.

April 4, 2018

Some preparation photos from left tibia/fibula (shin bones) of Juliet the hadrosaur from the Hell Creek Formation in Fallon Co., Montana. We excavated this mostly articulated specimen over 3 months of field work spanning from the fall of 2012 to the fall of 2014.

Note the progression as we open more of the plaster & burlap field jacket to reveal what we excavated and brought home to Indiana back in 2014. From matrix encased and broken bits to getting close to finished preparation. Hopefully only a few more hours to go in the prep shop.

The separated distal ends of both the tibia & fibula; to be reattached soon!

The distal ends (where these two bones meet the ankle joint) were broken away from the rest of the shin bones and will be reattached shortly. The last photo shows progress so far. Looks like we’ll leave the two bones that make up the lower leg fused together by matrix. Trying to remove the sandstone matrix between them could cause more damage than good to the finished project. We’ll see?